Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hey guys, today I'm gonna talk about where to go and what to do in Santiago. This is not an easy work because, like I said in other post, I'm not from here.
I think one of the places that you have to visit when you come here is "Fantasilandia". That is the most popular and bigger fan park of the country. That's the reason why it's always full of people and you have to wait a lot to play with the games.
That place is close to "Parque O'Higgins" and it's really easy to go. You have to take the metro and you get off it when you arrive to the "Parque O’Higgins" station. Then, you have to walk a little bit and... That’s all.
In the park, you could find a lot of games (of course), some are water games and other ones aren't. There are games for the kids and for the older people. My favorite game is called "Boomerang" and it is a roller-coaster. I think it's really fun.
One of the newest games in Fantasilandia is called "Raptor". You have your feet hanging in that game. And it last like 30 seconds. When it finish, you're shaking and your neck is a mess.
Anyway, it’s a good moment to laugh, scream and have a good time.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The last movie I watched

Today is "free post" day , so I'm gonna talk about the last movie I watched (This was the first thing that came into my head).
The movie's called "How to be", and it's everything but attractive.Is an independent movie, with cheap cost and unknowing actors (except one! But he was when he filmed the movie). Actually, I have to admit that I watched it only because of his main performer (RPattz! <3 , Handsome and talented, you know what I mean). At least that was at first. But, when the minutes went on I was totally interested. The movie is about a guy, Art, who was completely lost in this world. He couldn't find his way, her girlfriend broke up with him, and he was desperate. So, he started to write letters to one famous adviser, something like a psycholigist, but a terrible one. And then, his life went from bad to worse.
After all, I really enjoyed the movie! And I could recognize a lot of elements that I've learned in classes.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


First of all I need to say I'm not from Santiago, and every time I visited that city it was using private transport, so I cannot tell about the difference between the before and the after.
Anyway, I've heard before Transantiago, traveling around the city was easier than now. The busses stopped anywhere and they could bring you wherever you want. Now things have changed: You have to go to the bus stop and wait for the transport there. They aren't a lot, so, sometimes you have to walk a lot to get to the place where you want to go.
Besides, I knew that before the streets were full of busses! You didn't have to wait that much and the busses weren't so crowded. Now they are and the most of the time, people have to make uncomfortable positions to don't fall when the driver makes a break.
I know people prefer the yellow busses, life was easier from that way, but I think Transantiago is not as bad as people say. Maybe I think it because I didn't use the other transport system, but truth is Transantiago is helping to clean the city's ambient and it’s safer for the users and the drivers. Now it's better and I think that's ok. Besides, you only have to wait and walk a little bit more. No one die because of it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The country I would like to visit..

When I was in the school I had to do the same homework. A year later the answer will be the same: I don’t know. I think I would like to visit Europe, specially England or Italy because of their history and their infraestructure. Anyway, I think the country I like the most to visit is USA. Not because of the country. Maybe living there is not so terrible as the people say, but I like my country. It’s a quiet and nice place and I love it.
I would like to go to United States 'cause I could visit a lot of places that I always wanted to. Well, actually I would like to go to the Warped Tour and the Taste Of Chaos Tour. When I was a kid that was my biggest dream. Now it keeps being one. There, I could meet my favorite music bands ever! Like The Used of course. And other ones that probably would never come to Chile, so… that's something that I'd really want to do.
Probably I would go to LA and I'd be like a psycho chasing the guys that I’ve always been a fan.
Now… I don't know if I would like to live there. Pobably not. Or maybe, I'd do it only while I'm studing something there. I know it's not my favorite place to live, but in Psychology, USA is an awesome place to improve, and I’m really considerating it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My first semester

My first 2009's semester was better than I thought it would be. At first it was hard, because I had to move to Santiago and I had to leave home. That's something that I would never forget! I missed my family and friends, but I traveled there every weekend, so it made it a little bit easier.
My first days in Santiago weren’t so bad and I enjoyed the first week of University. I met more people and other kinds of realities.
Something that I really liked was my Philosophy's classes. The teacher was kind and he made us think about a lot of stuffs that sometimes you don’t considerate. In those classes we checked some authors, like Descartes, Kant and Locke.
Other subject that I liked was Psychology. Those were the only classes about my program, so I tried to learn everything as I could. There, we learned about motivation, classical conditioning, Erickson's theory of personality, etc.
I spent my free time sleeping, reading and sleeping again. We had a lot of things to study, so that was what I used to do in my free times.
Also, every Wednesday I spent time with my boyfriend. That was the only day of the week that I didn't have classes all the day, so we used to be together a couple of hours.